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Inner Trust DJ Workshops

  • Inner Trust DJ Workshops include 7 iPad music consoles fully loaded with various sound packs – connected to a PA and synced to be able to play live instruments and sounds in a Live fun jam session environment.
  • Create inspiring music instantly by combining beats, basslines, melodies, vocals and FX loops.
  • Mood Lighting and visuals creating a colourful ambient and inviting surrounding.
  • Students will be shown how to load individual sound packs, determine playing tempo, and launch sounds, various playing techniques and styles using colours and names of sounds. The students will also be shown Volume and Various types of FX controls and uses.
  • Aim: To record favourite mix
  • Design a CD Cover, Inlay Card with title/logo, image and print both in a finished plastic wallet.
    Each student has the option to explore various sounds, instruments and produce their own sounds whilst creating their own unique vibe.
  • Introduction to Djing: Including learning to cue and mix 2 records simultaneously.
  • Learn about EQ Effects and and scratching.

DJ Workshops

Please take a moment to watch our video about our DJ Workshops.