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Children and Young People

Inner Trust provides counselling and support to children & young people over the age of four years old. The children and young people in our lives are the next generation of this community. Inner Trust feel that mental health support is paramount in times of deprivation, disenfranchisement and poverty. We believe music and creative forms of expression can be harnessed as a means for connection and communication.

Talking therapy can really help people work on their issues. The aim of our approach is provide children and young people with a safe space. Here they can express their emotions through music technology and art materials. This combination assists children with the personal development. This will increase self-esteem, confidence and sociable behaviour.

This is a service-user led therapy, where the child or young person will have the choice to interact with others through the use of music technology. However, they will have the opportunity to work with others or alone. The aim is for children to have fun and be able to express themselves. We empower children to do this through the provision of a colourful and relaxing environment. We create this environment using light, visual projections and sound. All sessions will be facilitated by at least one fully trained counsellor who has been fully DBS checked.

The relationship between a counsellor and a client is the most important factor of the person-centred counselling approach. With this in mind, the counsellor will aim to form a helping relationship with each young person who uses the service, and give service-users an opportunity to make use of the counsellors embedded counselling skills. However, all sessions are open to anyone who feels they would simply like to use the space as a playful social hangout. Our hangouts are also suitable for those who have difficulty engaging.