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Psychologist Dr Carl Rogers developed Person Centred Counselling. Rogers believed that offering three Core Conditions was enough for a client to grow. They would also allow a client to work through issues in a safe and confidential place. The Core Conditions being Empathy (the counsellor showing a deep understanding of the client. Unconditional Positive Regard (accepting the client); and Congruence (being genuine). Added to this, we feel music and art are universal languages which don’t judge or discriminate. A medium which can provide a positive focus and act as a channel for creative expression and has therapeutic benefits.

Are you wondering what counselling might be like?

Our counsellors will work with you and along side you to find ways of channelling your emotions. They will help you to explore how you feel about what is happening in your world. In the first session your counsellor will go over the ‘counselling contract’. The contract further explains what counselling is and what will be offered in the time and space you have together. The counsellor will explain the circumstances under which he/she might have to break confidentiality. Be aware, the counsellor is not seen as the “expert” of you, and this therapy won’t involve psychological ‘techniques’.

It’s your counselling.

The type of counselling provided is a talking therapy called The Person Centred Approach. These sessions are available on a one-to-one basis and in groups. The sessions will be confidential. This means what you choose to tell a counsellor will be kept private unless there is a serious need for disclosure.

Group counselling may take place during any music and creative therapy sessions, where it is appropriate. One-to-one sessions will be available to those who choose this option. It may involve the use of technological mediums like – art and music apps, other means of expression like drawing, painting and writing. However, you might want to spend your session speaking about what’s on your mind and not use any materials. The choice is yours!