Art & Design Workshops

7 x iPads with Art Applications with various art apps, covering:

  • Students can practice free drawing skills through navigating drawing tools and colours. They can explore what a stencil is and practice making the stencil different sizes by tapping and dragging.
  • Students that have tactile aversions to paint as they can still feel as if they are getting really messy with their art. It’s a completely digital way to explore splatter painting in a controlled and clean environment.
  • The symmetry app allows students to create a piece without symmetry in which they can just explore texture in art. It is also possible to explore vertical symmetry, horizontal symmetry, and four-way symmetry.
  • Students have the ability to make organic or abstract art pieces by making decisions in colour, size, and the amount of repetition of the marks within the piece. This application tends to mesmerize the visual students, as it is fascinating to see the new and fun patterns that emerge through the process.

Aim: To Print finished artwork via AirPrint Printer and keep in a portfolio that grows with each session.
Print Cover and title of Individual Portfolio.
Each student has the option to explore each app and design they’re own ideas.