About Us


Welcome to Inner Trust.


Inner Trust will bridge the gap between statutory mental health services and the growing demand for support for mental health, wellbeing and resilience, particularly among children and young people. We will boost confidence and resilience and empower people to grow, understand and cope with life around them, through the provision of a range of therapies and projects. We will provide services to groups which are unable to afford private provision and as a social enterprise, the majority of our profits will be reinvested for our community purpose.

Inner Trust will work with schools, youth groups and other vulnerable persons to offer counselling and support services which use non-traditional and innovative therapies, such as music, creative and performing arts; we aim to provide a welcoming environment and ‘safe space’ and so reach out to groups who may be deterred from, or difficult to reach, for traditional statutory or privately provided services.

The aim is to bring instant gratification through being creative in a truly person-centred environment. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our service users by evolving the service and responding to feedback

What will be achieved by each individual will be based upon their readiness and particular requirements. The achievements obtained may be extra-curricular as well as personal. The therapeutic value will be determined by how the service-user chooses to involve themselves.



To increase opportunity for all groups by engaging them in meaningful group schemes


To deliver the most effective musical workshops that embraces all individuals and promotes inclusion


To provide a safe environment where all learners can achieve their potential To be promote inclusivity for all learners regardless of ability To be outstanding at what we deliver To be the provider of choice to engage with all schools and colleges


 I  - Increase confidence and build trust to achieve
N - Negotiate learning contracts with schools and colleges that assist in achieving their outcomes
N - No-one should feel isolated or without support
E - Empowerment and Engagement at all levels with all abilities to develop aspirations
R - Responsive to all learners and respectful of individual outcomes
T - Team work to develop problem solving approaches to learning
R - Resilience to meet the challenges life creates
U - Understanding of the needs of each individual
S - Self belief
T - Together we can achieve